Best Statistics Paper Award

Best Statistics Paper Award for Young Statisticians

The award was proposed in 2005 (Panhellenic Statistics Conference in Rhodes) by Prof. N. Balakrishnan (an Honorary Member of GSI since 2007). Fourteen Young Statisticians are the recipients of the award and 5 praises have been given during the period 2006-2021.

A Young Statistician is considered to be a master student, a PhD candidate or holder (with at most 3 years since the PhD was awarded). The term young refers to new researchers in Probability and Statistics and it does not in any way refer to the candidate's age.

As of 2021 the award has been upgraded, with the support of Prof. Balakrishnan who is financing the award which will be accompanied annually, by the amount of 200 euros and by waiving the annual membership fee for a 2-year period.

All those interested are kindly requested:

(a) to express their intention to participate in the special session for the award and
(b) arrange to submit the full paper

both by March 31, 2022,