Special Sessions

Proposals for Special Sessions

The organizing committee of the 34th Panhellenic Statistics Conference invites those who are interested to organize a special session or seminar to email their proposals by March 31, 2022, to secretariat@esi-stat.gr.

The proposal must include:
- the title of the session,
- a brief description of the session and
- a list of possible speakers

Each session usually consists of four paper presentations. The scientific committee of the conference encourages submissions that contribute to the conference's high scientific quality, emphasize the use of new ideas and methods and on the application of statistical methods on important problems. The selection criteria are based on the scientific quality/integrity as well as the relevance to the conference themes. The practice is that once a proposal is accepted, the person responsible for its submission assume responsibility for the session (coordinates and evaluates the individual contributions, serves as the Session's chair etc).