[eStat] SOFTWARE - The Greek Statistics Software

A 6-hour seminar

The Software: [eStat] software is a web-based statistical software which can be used anytime and anywhere using PC, tablet, or mobile phone with free of charge. eStat can be used for (and by) students in Elementary School, in Middle / High School and at the University Level.

The Seminar Abstract: It can be used for practicing visualization, frequency table, distributions, testing hypothesis and regression analysis. It includes also many simulation modules for studying theories in Statistics.

This is the first multilingual software and the first that runs in Greek.

Who should attend: Students, researchers, high school teachers and university instructors who would like to gain momentum for statistical ideas about data in an accessible, influential way.

Prior Knowledge: None. Basic ideas of statistical analysis.

Technical prerequisites: Participants will need a desktop/laptop. Software installation and downloads are provided live during the seminar.


Lee Jung Jin, Emeritus Professor, Soongsil University, Korea & Professor, ADA University, Azerbaijan.
Karagrigoriou Alex, Professor and Director, Lab of Statistics and Data Analysis (LabSTADA), University of the Aegean, Greece.
Koukoumis Charalampos, MSc in Stat & Data Analysis, Lab of Statistics and Data Analysis (LabSTADA), University of the Aegean, Greece.

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